Meanwhile, in the real world…


It’s raining now. Quite heavy, actually. I wonder if there’s another storm that just entered the country. It’s been a few weeks since classes were really messed up because the weather was really bad (to the celebration of the students, including me) so I’m not sure if this would go on until it’d be enough reason to cancel/suspend classes. But I doubt it.

Wish I could have/decorate my bed like this. Maybe it would make me sleep earlier.

My laptop says it’s already 4:03am. I have a class later at 8:30am yet, I’m still awake. Strangely, I still don’t feel the need to sleep. It’s been like this for weeks already, I think I’ve developed having insomnia ever since college (although, I’ve “loved” staying up really late ever since grade school or high school–it show’s in my height).

I don’t know why I’m posting here. Maybe it’s just for the sake of having something to post. I’ve been meaning to post something these past few days but I just couldn’t find the need to do it. Now that I’m actually making a new post, those ideas don’t seem that appealing to me anymore. This happens to me sometimes.

Maybe they’re throwing tantrums because I didn’t really exert an effort in actually writing them down, I just let them remain in my head where there’s a chance they might be forgotten (like, maybe, now). I’m sorry.

I don’t think I’m making sense anymore. Will end here.

Here’s to hoping I wake up in time for class. 🙂


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