Basing on how things are going, I think I’m finally walking towards the right path, that I’m at the right place, where I’m supposed to be.

Before, I used to be unmotivated to do things but now that I’ve stepped out of that and decided that I should try out something that I think I love more, I’m more than motivated and determined to do stuff. I love Math (I think I still do but maybe not as much) but I don’t think it was up to that extent, where I’d push through studying it and working in a field related to it. I guess I was lured by how others were doing fine with it that I began to think that it was the way for me, too. But apparently, it wasn’t.

Honestly, I was really scared to make the decision to change courses because I’d dread the possibility of failing at it again. If that would happen, where would I end up? Luckily, I took the chance. It was a great thing I did. Now, I’m happier and more content. I could actually see myself coding programs and other things related to what I’m taking right now. Things are becoming clearer as the days go by. It’s not like before, where I’d give up answering different Math problem sets after a few difficult items. Now, I couldn’t stop thinking about ways to correct/debug errors in my programs. It won’t stop bugging me until I finally get it right.

I know it’s still easy now since I’m just starting with the basics but I believe I’m now ready to take on harder subjects next sem. I won’t back down from this one. Promise.


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