Someday, I Will


Break down these walls

For you.

If that doesn’t work,

I’ll give you the keys

And open the door to let you in.

When that happens,

I will welcome you in a warm

Embrace, the sun shining on our faces

While the birds sing their songs,

Waiting since forever to do

That performance.


We will have bike rides at the park,

But you will have to teach me first.

I will give you my trust

That you won’t ever let me fall.


We will watch movies together,

Laugh at all the silly scenes and

Drink our sodas as loud as we can,

Becoming nervous and shy,

As the lovers confess their love

For each other.


You will take care of me whenever

I’m sick, bringing me breakfast in bed.

You will sing me songs, even if

Your voice doesn’t seem to recognize Tone

But hearing the warmth,

And sincerity in it would then make it

The best sound I’ve ever heard, along with

Those times when you say my name.

And when you laugh.


We will watch the sunset together

And as we revel at how marvelous

The orange sky is, we will wonder

How we found each other and how

We plan to be together.


But until someone would come

To scale these walls or go find the key,

Like a needle in the haystack, I will stay

In my safe place, wondering what

Or who Love is, the one people

Write about. I will be here, unscathed

But not perfectly whole.


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