Poem for Nanay


I saw this after a long time (1st Published on 05-22-08). I made this after my cousin asked us to write something for Nanay when she died. This was read during the intern we had for her.

Lola, grandma, impo – many words you can call your parent’s mother but to us, she is simply Nanay.

Loving wife, sister and a mother –

Those words are not enough to describe how great & wonderful Nanay is.

Although death has taken her away physically,

We all know that her spirit still lives on.

We hope that through her legacy,

She will be remembered until the of time.

Pancit, homba, torta & sabaw na isda –

Those are just a few inside Nanay’s cookbook.

Made with a loving heart & motherly care,

Their taste is as sweet & delicious as her love for us.

No day or night is too early or too late

For she never fails to clean the house & keep it in tip – top shape.

She showers us with love & care

That no other can give.

It seemed like yesterday

When we spent Christmas together,

Sharing laughter & joys,

Not knowing it was to be the last.

Now that it’s time to say goodbye,

Don’t you worry and cry.

For we all know that she’s happy wherever she is,

Along with our Heavenly Father & Tita Penny.

Sorry for the times we made you cry.

Please know that it was done unintentionally.

Sorry for the times we fail to show you how important you are to us.

Please know that you are loved dearly.


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