It’s a compliment


“You look really pretty.”

Ever since I was a kid, I haven’t really been used to being complemented, that I look beautiful or pretty. Or if ever I was, it may be rare since I can’t really remember it that much. Sure, I’ve been told that I “look cute” and whatnot but being called “pretty” or “beautiful” is another thing. Like what I said, I haven’t really been told that that much, which isn’t really helping my self-confidence. But now, I think it’s increasing, a bit. Those words are something new to me so I’m not really sure what to respond whenever people say that. Yeah, I get that people tease me with that so I also take it half-heartedly (or maybe, 3/4-heartedly haha). Sorry if I look stupid, with that big, stupid smile on my face.


I’m guessing my post isn’t making that much sense. Forgive me if I have a tendency to not find the right words to express all these thoughts (which kind of travels as fast as light, with my thoughts jumping and straying here and there). A shame for someone who aspires to be a writer, I know.


It’s 11-11-11. What wish are you making? 🙂


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