Black AND white


Just to make it clear, I’m not as pure, as innocent, as good as you think I am.

Yes, maybe I am nice most of the time but I have my other side, too.

I’ve wanted to try smoking and slitting my wrist before.  I swear more than I should (man, I like swearing). I get green jokes (and sometimes be the first to laugh at them). I don’t really mind sex scenes and nudity in movies. I’m open to having sex before marriage (given that both parties are committed and love each other, and that it’s safe).

I don’t know why I’m posting this, really. Maybe because I sometimes feel that people have this image that they expect me to be–that I’m this pure, innocent, cute girl. But I’m not. Yeah, I do want people to not think badly of me but I don’t want them to restrict me either.

Basically, I’m just tired of living up to expectations.


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