If ever you get to read this


I don’t know if you already know this but I DID LOVE YOU. There I just said it. I admit, I did like/love you since we were in 6th grade. And maybe even until now. I still liked you whenever I was in high school that I wish you never transferred schools. I liked you enough that when I heard you were visiting the campus, I ran to the hallway, excited to tell my friend about you, that I ran into someone. That was the first time that my nose bled.

Still debating whether I'd like this to reach you or not.

I’ve been planning and rehearsing different scenarios in my mind, on how I can tell you how I really feel about you. But whenever I get the chance, I back out (as usual).

I don’t know if it’s really love. After all, I was just 12 when we first met. But what do you call that feeling I had for you which lasted for about 5 years even when we didn’t contact each other at all? Even when I knew you had a girlfriend, I still kept that feeling inside. I hate how you have that effect on me. It overrules my sane self.

We’re starting to talk again now (although they’re just really short chat sessions on Facebook or Twitter). i wonder if I’ll ever get the guts to tell you. When I do, I don’t really expect you to say that you feel or felt the same way I do (although there is that little voice in my head hoping otherwise). I just want you to know. Maybe that’s how I will be able to get over you.


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