Where are your skids?


I admit having grown skeptical of you, Love, but whatever this is, please show yourself clearly to me (however soon that may be).

Right now, I admit being confused. One voice is telling me to just let things be, stop controlling the feelings I might have for him (I now find myself waiting for his text). I am young after all; I’m allowed to have some mistakes, as long as I (hopefully) learn from them in the end. And besides, at least that way, I’ll have stories to tell my grandchildren when I grow old. On the other hand, another voice is telling me that this is serious business. Therefore, I shouldn’t just mess around. I gotta make sure that this is the right one and what I’m feeling is love.

We’ve only started hanging out for a few weeks but I feel comfortable around you.

Now, which is the good conscience and which is the bad conscience?


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