Compilation Error


Compilation Error occurs when the machine sees an error–typographical, logical, etc.–in the block of code created. This prevents the program from compiling, thus, the programmer is prompted to correct it.

I should have read the signs, really. But that happens when you think things are going fine.

On the other hand, Runtime Error happens when the machine finds out that there is something wrong with the program only after compiling it, when it is being run. This is caused when objects point to a non-existing class or object (null), or when the program produces a different result from what is expected.

This is how we learn. We break. We hurt. It is just a matter of time that I asked myself if I wanted to pursue that or not. I never passed a single long test.


A sorta-imitation piece I tried to do after what I think was a really cool CNF piece by a workshop mate (oh no, it’d be really embarrassing if she saw this). Not sure how to continue but I hope that was okay.


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