Felt like doing a Oh-no-I’m-gonna-be-a-Senior-in-a-few-weeks Post after reading all the updates from my friends who just graduated.

The thought of entering my 4th year in college is still surreal to me. Who’d have thought that I would get this far? I entered Ateneo an AMF/Applied Math-Finance major and, hopefully, I will graduate it a MIS/Management in Information Systems major (and a Creative Writing minor).

I know shifting is probably one of the best decisions I made in college. I think I talked about it a few times here (and in my other accounts). Things are better now in a lot of ways. Before, I was very scared and hesitant to do it, thinking that it might just be a phase I was going through. In the end, I jumped ship. That was when I learned one thing: it’s okay to take risks. Look at what’s happening now.

With Senior year fast approaching, I can’t help but think that shit’s getting real. Friends would be applying for jobs, we’d all be signing up for yearbook photoshoots, and, hopefully, we’d all survive whatever hell academics would throw at us.

Then again, I’m extending another year. It’s just sad how I won’t be able to graduate with my friends. Instead of with them, I’ll probably be cheering for them at the side, like a proud mom (I sound pathetic and cheesy haha). I just wish we could all do it together.

Anyway, JUNIOR YEAR WAS VERY INTERESTING. Finally got to start on my (new) major subjects along with the ones for my minor. I love it. I got to have the best of both worlds–programming and writing. I still have a long way to go and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. Cheers to Junior year!

</School Year 2011-2012>


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