Because for me, saying that you can’t trust me anymore is just as good as saying that you’re mad at me. Okay, maybe not that much but still. I guess trust is such an important part of a relationship–be it a friendship or whatever kind or form–and I hate it how I made you feel like I broke your trust in me. It makes me feel like a horrible person.

Or maybe, this is just me, overthinking and making a big deal out of things. Things don’t really translate well over SMS. I wish we could’ve talked. Then again, I wouldn’t know how I’d react.

In a way, it’s good that I’m not there. Maybe this is what we need, what I need, to sort things out and figure out what we really want and don’t want to happen. Maybe you’ll miss me. Maybe we’ll grow apart. Time can only tell, which is, around two weeks. I hope we use this time wisely.


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