Let me get a map


The art of commuting is both a very fulfilling yet lonely activity. For one, it feels as if you’ve just entered a new world. Its secret tales, hidden wonders show themselves to you as if it’s meant for you and you alone. Of course, the feeling of independence would also come in. You revel at the thought of finally being able to reach your destination; you may have taken a few wrong turns but, even if you got lost, you can always say that you were able to find your way back.

However, these new and wonderful experiences themselves are the one that would give you that feeling of loneliness. It is when you turn to your left or to your right and realize that no one is there, no one to share the excitement with. You can’t immediately say “Isn’t that wonderful?” or “I wonder what happened to that abandoned shop.” There’s no one else but yourself, unless you’re really comfortable with talking to a stranger.

After all these, only one thing is clear–the world is a huge and mysterious place, full of unexplored corners and unheard stories; it is calling you to discover it. Are you willing to take the challenge?


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