It’s funny that you’re in this situation.


But don’t go down without a fight.

Is it really hard to show affection or emotion? For you, maybe. You’re not used to be at the receiving end and now, you don’t know how to give it. You can always learn. Yes, you can. But you always hesitate. Why? If only there was a guide to make things much easier. That’s why you have to figure it out on your own.

And another thing, be more kind to yourself. Not everything’s your fault. You don’t always have to over think things. Maybe, it will happen. Maybe it won’t. You might get hurt at the start but time, as uncertain and as promising as it may sound, time heals everything. Plus, you’ve been here before. You’ll know what to do. You’ve gotten used to it. Too used to it. 

Nothing’s entirely too sure. How much do you want this? You should probably learn how to take your own advice. Don’t give up too easily.

Just know that whatever will be, will be. Que sera sera.



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