7 Things We Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Anymore


Everything applies to me. 😮

Thought Catalog

1. How much debt we have.

Plot twist: All of your friends, no matter what they might be earning, are all counting their money in negative dollars. At best, they’re just like, “Hey, look at how much closer to zero I’m getting every day!” Many of us don’t even have hopes of being on the positive side of the equation until we’re in our mid-forties, and it’s just a reality you live with. Misguided, useless, egregious debt is just something that we have to keep as a baseline of how we view ourselves and our financial futures. It’s not something to scoot under the rug because we imagine that everyone around us was savvy enough to escape from higher education with a little nest egg stored away to start some incredibly put-together adult life. We have debt, it’s okay, no one is judging you for it. (Except for jowly white…

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