Cinderella for a day


I just had my yearbook photo shoot today, with the make-up and all. Honestly, I was looking forward to it for two reasons:

1. It would make me feel that, finally, I’m about to graduate college this March.

2. I get to dress up and be pretty. (Sorry, I am a girl after all. haha)

I didn’t expect people to react that way. People kept complimenting me and telling me how I was pretty, beautiful, that I looked really nice. It was my first time to experience that. I admit I can be pretty insecure about my looks (and I know how looks shouldn’t really matter that much but I still can’t help it) but to day was different. Today, I really did feel I was pretty. I did believe them, although, my inability to properly respond to compliments might have appeared otherwise.

So this is how it feels–to be complimented, to be appreciated, to feel good about yourself. It felt new; it felt great.

I looked at the mirror for quite some time, trying to keep that memory and that feeling in a safety box somewhere in my brain, and stalled for a bit. Today was a good day. Finally, I went to the bathroom, washed my face, and took off my make-up. It’s back to being the plain Jane me again.

Still, I prefer it this way.


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