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Jilted One


My friend posted this on Facebook, said he found this on the street while walking. He asked us to write a story behind it. Here’s my attempt at it. 🙂

Dictated by circumstance, two lovers were forced to be separated by distance, with the girl working abroad and the staying in the Philippines. Over the years, they kept in touch with each other through Skype and Facebook, updating each other with their lives through social media. “I’ll see you soon” was their goodbye and their kisses, their hugs, were expressed in emoticons. It would have to do.

Eventually, the time came when the girl was about to return to the Philippines. “I’m returning next week,” said the girl. It was such on short notice that the guy was caught off guard, that he couldn’t sleep at night. It’s been three years already and, at last, they would see each other again.

Smelling of perfume and fresh after shave, he waited at the spot where they last held their date, before she left. He was holding a bouquet of roses, her favorites.

Trying to distract himself, he kept fiddling with his phone, checking his news feed. Suddenly, he felt a light tap on his shoulders.

It was her.

Her hair might have grown longer than he can remember but he was sure it was her. No one had a smile as bright as hers. Only, it felt like there was something in it. Something was off.

“Hey there.”
“Hey,” they greeted each other awkwardly. This wasn’t the meeting he was expecting.
“I have something to tell you,” said the girl, as she placed her hand on his right arm.
“Tell me later. I reserved a table for us at your favorite restaurant.”
“No, I have to tell you now. You see, I ran into a problem with the Immigration.”
“What? You didn’t tell me about that. What happened?”
“Let me finish. Please. I… I was scared and desperate. I couldn’t go back here, I still had to help my family. I didn’t have a choice. I…”
“What is it?”
“I had no choice. I…”
Then, a tall man arrived, kissed her on the lips, and said, “Is this him? Hi, I’m Kit,” he greeted, his voice thick with British accent.
“Kinasal kami.”

He should have known. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know how to react.

“Ahh sige. Ah, may kailangan pala akong puntahan. Paalam.”

He turned his back on her, his future. Or so he thought. He walked as fast as he could. When he was as far away from her as he could, he slammed the bouquet on the ground. He didn’t care if people were looking at him. He was a scorned man, he felt he had the right to be angry. He couldn’t believe he wasted all those years. He was devastated. He was too distracted, so much so that he didn’t notice the car coming his way when he crossed the street.

“But I hope you’re happy,” he thought. He closed his eyes as he lay on the ground, blood flowing from the back of his head. The people surrounding him were growing in number, as they tried to take a look at the man who lost everything.


Awit sa Gabi


Ngayong malalim na ang gabi,
nakadungaw pa rin sa bintana,
Hinihintay ang iyong pagbalik.

Halika na. Umuwi ka na.
(Naririnig mo ba ang aking awit?)

Iiwan kong nakabukas ang ilaw,
ang mga bintana,
para ika’y salubungin
kung ikaw man ay dumating.
(Hindi kita iiwan.)

Saan ka na ngayon?
Nalunod ka ba sa liwanag ng mga bituin?

Nine years old, summer


Mornings start off slow, writing lists
Of Tamblot Street, Doctor dan, and that little bitch who used to throw tantrums.
My cousins hated me.

The radio starts to play Michael Learns to Rock
and there I go thinking about my pile of unread books.

But it’s the afternoon that was always the best,
commuting, riding jeepneys,
getting lost somewhere,
wishing it was that easy for my family to come visit.

Such were the quiet days in the summer.

It’s been a long time since I went to a writing workshop and wrote poetry. This was what I came up with after the final exercise. It’s not that much but maybe I can still improve it. Good thing I didn’t get called to read it out loud.

An attempt at a metaphor


I wonder what becomes of the tree after it is cut down. Will the bird—the bird that used to perch on its branches, nesting itself under the shade of its leaves—remember it? Will it notice that that certain tree is no longer found in that spot? Something’s missing. Or will it move on to a different tree because, let’s face it, it just needs some place to rest. Maybe, they’re all the same.


Someday, I Will


Break down these walls

For you.

If that doesn’t work,

I’ll give you the keys

And open the door to let you in.

When that happens,

I will welcome you in a warm

Embrace, the sun shining on our faces

While the birds sing their songs,

Waiting since forever to do

That performance.


We will have bike rides at the park,

But you will have to teach me first.

I will give you my trust

That you won’t ever let me fall.


We will watch movies together,

Laugh at all the silly scenes and

Drink our sodas as loud as we can,

Becoming nervous and shy,

As the lovers confess their love

For each other.


You will take care of me whenever

I’m sick, bringing me breakfast in bed.

You will sing me songs, even if

Your voice doesn’t seem to recognize Tone

But hearing the warmth,

And sincerity in it would then make it

The best sound I’ve ever heard, along with

Those times when you say my name.

And when you laugh.


We will watch the sunset together

And as we revel at how marvelous

The orange sky is, we will wonder

How we found each other and how

We plan to be together.


But until someone would come

To scale these walls or go find the key,

Like a needle in the haystack, I will stay

In my safe place, wondering what

Or who Love is, the one people

Write about. I will be here, unscathed

But not perfectly whole.